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Bikes as a benefit

The market for compensation & benefits is growing fast as companies tend to focus more on employer branding.


Our first idea to market changed the way
we looked at business and our selves as innovators. Over night, we became bike dealers.


Through BENY we have introduced a smoother way of paying - fair installments through automatic salary deduction.



As customers need change, so does successfull services.

Picture this - brainstorming sessions that spark ideas brighter than fireworks, leading to a seamless shift from brick-and-mortar stores to a cutting-edge digital sales extravaganza.

Imagine waving goodbye to the old-school physical store vibes and saying hello to the future of digital sales.


Score big with re-cykla! When you snag a pre-loved bike, you're not just getting a killer deal, you're becoming a planet-saving superhero!


Each purchase is a high-five to Mother Earth, reducing waste and making your wallet do a happy dance.


Join the re-cykla revolution and ride into the future with style and purpose!

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