In 2017, Christian & Andreas sat across each other at a meeting where the necessity of focusing on core business and traditional business models was expressed. One look between the restless gentlemen were all it took. Without saying a word, they both knew that How Soon Is Now Innovation was brought to life…


Andreas Goldman
Co-founder & CEO
Former Head of Innovation and Digitalisation as well as Head of Architechture at Wasa Kredit. Andreas is higly skilled in IT and innovation with a proven track record of bringing ideas to reality in various industries such as finance & insurance. For Andreas execution is everything.
Christian Wärme
Co-founder & Head of Creative
Former Innovation Developer of Wasa Kredit, Director of Vendor Management Länsförsäkringar AB. Christian has been working with innovation, IT and negotiations since 2010. Christian is truly and obsessively passionate about simplifying customer lifes through digitalization..

Of Stockholm origin, but at the same time truly and natively global. We believe in diversity as a success factor and will always use the power of digitalization to fight outdated boundaries.