We’re proud to consider ourself the worlds most restless company.

Wherever change is demanded – change is gonna come. It’s just a matter of time. Too often it’s going to cost not only blood, sweat and tears however. Once the critical mass is finally ready to embrace the transformation you find that not only are the most talented people gone. Somebody else has already seized all the opportunities that was there for you to grab just a while ago…

So when you say it’s gonna happen now.
Well, when exactly do you mean?
– Steven Patrick Morrissey

Our name – HowSoonIsNow pretty much implies it all when it comes to our attitude for change. Our company as well as our employees will never take “tomorrow” for an answer to the question “when will it happen?”. Patience is of course an admirable quality, however we’d rather build upon the underlying power of restlessness. To us being restless means being curious as well as open for transformation, hence we also regard ourselves to be the world’s most curious company.

Our company and employees are driven by lust and passion; always ready to take on a fight against status quo and lack of action. Anywhere, anytime.

Traditional companies will not be disrupted by their actions,
but rather by their nonactions.
– Andreas Goldman, CEO How Soon Is Now Innovation