A value-driven company? You’d better believe it. In fact, these principles are the basis for our whole existence and we will never try to be something else.

Lust and passion can conquer anything

We believe that our company and our employees are driven by passion in what we do and the problem to be solved. If our company or our employees find themselves in a situation where we are not working in line with the company vision or mission we should always abort rather than compromise with our beliefs and/or values.

We’d rather die from curiosity than apathy

We should never mistake unproven assertions for truth. At all occasions we should let our curiosity guide us to try our hypothesises and find real answers together with customers and users. Proven data is our weapon.

If we can’t solve the customer/users need – never force a semi-working solution

By always focusing on the customer or user and his/her problem to be solved we ensure that our services target real problems. Forcing inside-out solutions on customers is for others.

Not changing is fake safety

Let us carry the message that not changing is the most risky business you may attend. The surrounding world is changing even if you decide to stand still, and sooner or later you find yourself outdated. At How Soon Is Now? it is each and everyone’s common responsibility to make sure that we keep a positive attitude in relation to change.

Transparency and partnership “by-design”

To be open about what we do should be native to us. Furthermore we are modest enough to understand that listening to others and cooperating will make us and our solutions stronger. We should actively propose and seek partnerships in various areas, however never compromising with our vision, misson or values..